3. Workshop of the German Network
“Development of Emotions and Emotion Regulation”
July 17 to 19, 2008
Würzburg (Randersacker) Hotel zum Bären

Chairs:  Bettina Janke & Manfred Holodynski


Final Programm and  Participants   
Barrett, Karen C., Prof. PhD,
Colorado State University
Methods to elicit and assess the development of social emotions (embarrassment, shame, guilt, pride)
Bovenschen, Ina, Dr.,
University of Erlangen
Infants’ use of emotional cues to regulate their imitative responses: Determinants of individual differences
Campos, Joseph J. Prof. PhD,
University of California, Berkeley
Cole, Pamela M., Prof. PhD,
Pennsylvania State University, Pennsylvania
Observational methods that afford the assessment of emotion regulation in early childhood Paper
Denham, Susanne A., Prof. PhD,
George Mason University, Virginia
Assessing Social-Emotional Competence in Preschoolers: Support for School Readiness Paper
Hartmann, Petra, Dipl.-Psych.,
University of Münster
Mediating effects on the internalization of emotional expression in self-regulation
Holodynski, Manfred, Prof. Dr.,
University of Münster

A lexicon of emotional expression signs. From complex syndromes to elementary units

Janke, Bettina, Prof. Dr.,
University of Education, Heidelberg
What do facial expressions mean for children from Is she smiling or is she happy? Is there a fundamental change in children’s understanding of the meaning of facial expression?
Kienbaum, Jutta, Prof. Dr.,
Free University of Bozen
The development of sympathy in different child–adult relationships. A longitudinal study from 5 to 7 years
Mohr, Cornelia, Dipl.-Psych.,
University of Dortmund
Attachment Behaviour as Emotion Regulation in Adolescents.
Richter, David, Dipl.-Psych.,
University of Leipzig
Age-related gains in empathy: Subjective and behavioral evidence
Spangler, Gottfried, Prof. Dr.,
University of Erlangen
Work in progress in the Erlangen Group

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